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Author Spotlight: TM Spivey, author of “Carter and Ryder: My Little Brother Has Autism!”

TM Spivey

TM Spivey, an author from Houston, Texas, recently published her book “Carter and Ryder: My Little Brother Has Autism!” with Author Reputation Press. Ms Spivey joins a growing list of authors wanting to broaden their horizon in terms of creativity and marketing of their work – an effort that ARPress has gladly taken care of.

Spivey’s book is a riveting story about a family’s struggle to deal with a kid’s autism, reflecting every American family’s daily challenge to help their children weather through the stigma associated with this condition. Below is Spivey’s account for how she got the inspiration to write this wonderful children’s story filled with personal reflections and deep emotion.

“I am just a grandmother with a grandson that is autistic. I want to share my story with other families that are trying to understand their kids with autism. I want them to learn how to raise and take care of an autistic child-by not treating them differently and to treat them like they treat everyone else. However, when all of this began, I felt like we were the only ones at the time dealing with this family issue.

“When my daughter shared the information about Ryder being autistic on Facebook, I was enraged that she did that. I thought that Ryder would not have his privacy and not be treated like a normal kid. But when I realized how many friends and families shared the same experience, I was overwhelmed. This showed me that we are not alone in dealing with autism and that others need to know they are not alone too.”

Ms Spivey is just one of the many authors that have joined ARPress’ growing family, a testament to the quality of service we offer to writers wanting to realize their dream of publishing their works. In addition to turning manuscripts into print, we also go the extra mile by aggressively launching marketing campaigns to accelerate the sales potential of our authors’ works.

“Carter and Ryder: My Little Brother Has Autism!” is available to purchase via our online bookstore,, and Barnes & Noble.

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