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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Nina Johnson, author of The Ranch

Nina K. Johnson

Nina K. Johnson, author of romance novel The Ranch, is a retired teacher and administrator of programs for handicapped children. She earned her Master of Education Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Born from a family of educators, Ms Johnson took a lot of inspiration from her grandmother as well as her own mother, herself an educator who taught special reading classes.

Ms Johnson took it upon herself to begin writing after her retirement. Reading has also been her source of joy throughout her life. She is married to her husband of 42 years.

Her book tells the story of Anna, the heiress to one of the largest ranches in Texas. Anna is engaged to Joe Mercer Jr. at the behest of his father whose interest is in taking control of the Ranch. The book is available to purchase via our own website,, and Barnes & Noble.

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