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Paul Kasper gets interviewed by Ric Bratton for This Week In America

More authors published by ARPress are getting featured on Ric Bratton’s “This Week In America” radio program. Last week, Bratton talked to Francois Lerotique, author of On My Rod, and discussed his hitch-hiking adventure from the east coast of North America to the west and as far as Alaska in the north to explore his sexual orientation.

This week, the veteran radio broadcaster interviewed Paul Kasper, author of Nightmares. The author shared the things that inspired him to write his memoir after observing that most history books distributed in schools provide little space for discussion about the Vietnam War.

The book regales readers with a detailed account of the mental and physical hardships gone through by U.S. soldiers during the war. Despite mental and physical exhaustion, the 9th Infantry Division had to suffer many hardships and losses as they press their way through the battlefield.

However, unknown to many of them, their suffering would continue even after the war, having been exposed to Agent Orange, a blanket term for 15 chemicals used as a defoliant. Many of them succumbed to many illnesses such as various cancers, diabetes and more.

This Week In America is nationally syndicated in the U.S. that is carried on more than 100 stations. Mr. Bratton has an extensive background in the broadcast industry both on TV and radio platforms, with more than three decades of experience working with other bigwigs in the media including Larry King, Hugh Downs, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno, George Clooney, and Katie Couric. Our partnership with Ric Bratton’s radio program is part of ARPress’ efforts to help authors gain publicity and create buzz for their work. You can watch Paul’s interview below:

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