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Violet Grayson’s memoir, “A Life Not Expected” is now available to purchase via ARPress

Author Reputation Press has announced the release of Violet Grayson’s memoir, “A Life Not Expected: But A Journey Worth Taking.” The book is Grayson’s fourth book, having publisher her first in 2006 titled “Village Lonsdale.”

Born on October 11, 1925, Grayson describes her writing journey, “At the age of fourteen, I wrote a poem and a rather dismal short story. I sent the short story to Collier’s magazine, where it was immediately rejected. I redeemed my pride by later winning a school-wide essay contest at Cumberland High School and becoming an at-large reporter for our school paper, The Chronicle. As a senior, I was named literary editor of our yearbook. My English teacher, Mr. Skahan, suggested I switch to the college course since he saw me as scholarship material, but that was too much of a reach in those Great Depression years. After graduating in 1943, I worked in an office, married in 1949, and became a mother in 1950 and then a single parent in 1952. My writing would have to wait until January 1986 when, at the age of sixty, I launched my literary career.”

Violet has written 24 stories, articles, how-to pieces, and short stories, all published. She also wrote a column for the Foxboro Reporter in her former home of Foxboro, Massachusetts. In California, she contributed since 1993 to “Two Cents,” an opinion column in the San Francisco Chronicle maintained by a pool of citizens. She is an active member and Secretary of Writers West of Alameda Inc.

The book is now available to purchase via our online bookstore for $3.99 for the digital version and $12.99 for the paperback version (click this link to buy). It will also be released to Amazon and Barnes & Noble over the coming weeks.

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