Monday, June 17, 2024
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“Two Cowboys in New York” by Clark Selby debuts under ARPress publishing brand

Author Reputation Press has recently released Clark Selby’s action and adventure novel, “Two Cowboys In New York.” The book can be purchased through our online bookstore and

The novel revolves around the incidents that follow after two cowboys attend a friend’s wedding in the big city and find that the bride’s father has disappeared. They go on a mission to probe his disappearance after leaving a meeting at the Port of New York, and the two clash with New York’s Mafia, which has been robbing passengers at the port.

The Mafia has never encountered foes of the same caliber as these two cowboys in their history. Indian Leader and Rocky Stone just don’t play by the same rules that the Mafia is used to following. They are men of the west and live by the code of the west.

Indian and Rocky won’t back down and quit until they either won or died trying. By the time they are done, things at the Port of New York would never be like it was before they came calling.

The two are now faced with the challenge of finding the bride’s father and letting their friend’s wedding finally happen while conquering the Mafia at the same time.

The book is available both in digital and paperback versions for $3.99 and $9.99, respectively.

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