Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Ramon Piñon’s “Becoming Female And Male: Our Extraordinary And Perilous Journey” is now available to purchase

Author Reputation Press‘ library of books continues to grow, and today we’re pleased to put out another title by one of our authors. Becoming Female And Male: Our Extraordinary And Perilous Journey by Ramon Piñon Jr. is now up for grabs via multiple online bookstores.

Becoming Female and Male: Our Extraordinary and Perilous Journey is a science book that critically examines how our reproductive system develops and also tackles the biological aspect of it.

The book provides a treasure trove of information that’s otherwise not readily available to the public. Plus, it includes a wide variety of historical perspectives and commentaries. It starts by describing a complex, seemingly miraculous process that leads to the formation of eggs and sperm, followed by the fetal development of the genital tissues, the post-pubertal reproductive functions of females and males, the pubertal transition, and finally our reproductive twilight.

Later in your reading, the book shifts the spotlight to fertilization and implantation, birth and lactation, and exciting new studies related to the origins of chronic adult diseases to our pre-birth environment in the womb.

Additionally, the third section provides a detailed explanation of pregnancy loss and birth defects, while the final section provides an analysis of birth control methods, the causes of infertility, and an entirely new growth industry – assisted reproduction.

Complementing the above-mentioned areas are three appendices that provide the main text and more detailed information about sex chromosomes, mutations, hormonal integrations of the reproductive system, and disorders of sexual development.

To grab a copy of Becoming Female And Male: Our Extraordinary And Perilous Journey, simply visit our online bookstore and It is available to purchase at $3.99 for the digital version and $8.99 for the paperback.

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