Monday, June 17, 2024
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“Friction And Fantasy: Opening Pandora’s Box” by Ramon Piñon Jr. now up for grabs

Every discussion about sex evokes all senses of amazement and curiosity, including sexual taboos. Friction And Fantasy: Opening Pandora’s Box by Ramon Piñon Jr. is a fine example of a non-fiction work that contains knowledgeable analyses of these things, and it’s now published by Author Reputation Press.

Basically a science book, Friction and Fantasy provides readers with a multitude of insights about sexual fantasies; love; why people have sex; the mythologies of human anatomy; the truth about sexual desire and arousal; orgasm; unusual sexual practices and sexual violence; the taboo subject of solitary sex; the controversies of erotic preference and gender diversity; unusual sexual practices, sexual violence (rape, pedophilia and child sexual abuse); and the dilemmas of sexual discontent.

It also presents unique and thought-provoking pieces of information to the readers that are not, otherwise, readily available to the general public. The book combines scientific and historical views with literary commentaries.

All in all, Friction and Fantasy puts forward a historically informed way of making sense of an emblematic aspect of our humanity such as sex by tracing the development of our understanding.

Friction And Fantasy: Opening Pandora’s Box can be purchased today via multiple channels including our own online bookstore,, and Barnes & Noble. Its price starts at $3.99 for the digital copy and goes up to $8.99 for the softcover version.

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