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Steven Nicolle’s memoir receives positive review from the US Review of Books

Author Reputation Press is pleased to announce today that Steven Nicolle‘s memoir has been critically acclaimed by the US Review of Books (USRB). How I Took Bartender Course And Traveled For Seventeen Years is a story about how the author found a rich career in hospitality despite the political tension in Montreal, Canada.

The memoir highlights Steven’s eagerness for authentic communication with the people he speaks with. He also writes in the book about his sweet and bitter experiences in the bartending industry.

Barbara Bamberger Scott from the USRB shares her expert review of the book, thus:

“Writer Nicolle has composed a vibrant memoir of his experiences of global employment, unemployment, occasional failures, and ultimate success in the glamorous and gritty world of bartending. His peripatetic rambles had their start when, at age 20, he left a factory job to study bartending at Montreal’s McGill University.”

Steven also describes how exciting his vocation has been with the opportunity to meet different people along the way. He also took different job positions including being a waiter, chef and manager.

Ms Scott concludes:

“Without burdening the narrative, he details alterations in Canada’s political structure as they affected his work, along with relevant information about currency differences, cross-cultural encounters, and some insider tricks on mixing and serving alcoholic beverages…His chronicle can be appreciated as a travelogue, a quick survey of international customs, and, especially for younger readers, a call to a path of colorful exploits.”

The full review can be read via this link.

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