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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Clark Selby, author of action-adventure books

Clark Selby

Clark Selby is the author of a number of action-adventure books such as Indian Leader Trail Boss and Two Cowboys in New York, both published by Author Reputation Press.

Clark began writing while he was taking care of his first wife, Patricia, who was suffering from paralysis before she passed away. During that period, he wrote five novels including Dangerous Journey, Dangerous Food, Dangerous Cargo, Dangerous Enemy, and Together Forever.

He continued writing even after the passing of his wife. The results were his two new books, Indian Leader Trail Boss and Two Cowboys in New York. The former received the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence from his publisher after it was critically acclaimed by The US Review of Books.

After his wife died, Clark married a long time friend of his and Patricia’s, Karen Serene Sweeney. His latest book, The Power of Love, is a sequel to Together Forever. It follows the story of the protagonist after the death of his wife and then he married their common best friend. The novel is loosely based on Clark’s own life story.

Prior to writing, Clark spent over 45 years in the parking industry, traveling to more than 60 countries across six continents. He was the Director of Parking for the City of Hutchinson, Kansas; Assistant Director of Transportation and Parking for the University of Iowa; Parking Consultant with De Leuw Cather & Company, a Transportation Engineering Company in Chicago, and Project Manager for a parking study in Perth, Western Australia.

Later, he joined Duncan Industries, as a Sales and Service Engineer and later as the Director of Manufacturing. After that, he was promoted to the role of Vice President of International Sales and President.

At Duncan, Clark received the prestigious President of The United States Excellence in Exporting Award for his work on increasing export sales for three straight years of 20% or more per year and for growing the sales of U.S. products in at least three new countries each year for three consecutive years.

After his various jobs with the parking industry, Clark served as the Publisher of The Eateries Restaurant and Show Guide for tourists in Branson, Missouri, from 2008 to 2012. The company published up to 100,000 books a year.

Earlier in his life, Clark served in the Kansas Army and Air Force National Guard for more than six years and was a Sergeant in radio communications.

Clark and his second wife now live in Springfield, Missouri. When not at home, they’re traveling and exploring places they haven’t visited. He was born in 1936 in Miami, Oklahoma, and attended school in Kansas and Oklahoma.

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