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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Jerry Miller, author of “Thoughts Of Family: I Don’t Want To Go”

Jerry Miller

Jerry Miller, author of the memoir Thoughts Of Family: I Don’t Want To Go, had to endure numerous obstacles in life. Fortunately, the love of his wife and children helps keep him going.

His memoir describes the role of children in paying their last respects to their departed ones. Readers will most definitely relate to the anecdotes included in the book.

From the book’s cover, here’s a brief synopsis:

“As a young kid, I think I was part of the last generation to experience a viewing for a family member in the person’s home.

“Death of a loved one is painful enough, but when you see them in the environment which held memories of laughter and games and apple pie; The comprehension of those times are now tainted with sorrow that haunted the minds of young kids that were not mature enough to experience such a sad event.

“The events depicted in this story are reminiscent of time more than 60 years ago when some young children were required to pay their last respects to departed family members and friends. The sadness, the fear, the lack of comprehension inundated the very soul of a child, yet it was believed the very spirit of the departed would not be at peace until all family members acknowledge there love.

“This is a story of the weakness of one child in a very desperate and unrelenting situation.”

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