Monday, June 17, 2024
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Rachel Carrington’s memoir “The Early Years” to be published by Author Reputation Press

Memoirs are a great medium to understand how real people live their life, and in the process learn from it. Reading a memoir can also impart us lessons on navigating our own life.

That is why Author Reputation Press puts equal value on memoirs as much as on novels and other forms of literary works.

Today, we’re pleased to inform you that another memoir is in the works, written by Rachel G. Carrington. Titled The Early Years, the book reveals the author’s “love-filled, multifaceted, family-oriented, poverty-to-plenty life.”

While she was only attending high school in the small town of Denton, Kentucky, Carrington already planned to attend college and become a teacher. Luckily, she was offered a lucrative scholarship that would help her attain her goal, with a coursework geared toward college attendance.

But an unexpected twist arrived: she met a World War II veteran who returned from war only to find his marriage in irreparable shambles and his children gone. Carrington saw him through his struggles, and they pulled together to wade through difficult times.

The Early Years is the story of their journey and how their love and dedication for each other kept moving them forward. ARPRess couldn’t be more excited to release the book in the next few months, and readers will certainly come to love it. So, stay tuned.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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