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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Rachel Carrington, a memoirist with a heart for her family

Rachel Carrington

Rachel Carrington, author of the memoir The Early Years, is a widow who spends much of her time writing.

A transplanted Kentuckian, Rachel has seven offspring and three grandchildren.

Her memoir, The Early Years, which will soon be released by Author Reputation Press, chronicles her journey with her lover and how their dedication for each other kept them moving forward.

While attending high school in Denton, Kentucky, Rachel was already planning to become a teacher. Luckily, she was then offered a scholarship opportunity that would help her attain her goal.

However, an unexpected twist took place when she met a World War II veteran who returned home only to find his marriage in shambles and his children gone. Carrington was with him throughout his struggles, and they battled the odds together.

Rachel currently lives in Ocala, Florida for the past three and a half years.

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