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Ric Bratton interviews Howard O.A. Jones, author of “Edafos”

Howard O. A. Jones’ Edafos is increasingly gaining traction among U.S. readers. The book recently received critical acclaim from The US Review of Books, with Kat Kennedy praising the author’s “maturity and self-confidence” in writing.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Howard Jones got the chance to introduce his book to more American readers via This Week in America, a radio program hosted by seasoned broadcaster Ric Bratton. The radio program is nationally syndicated in the U.S. and carried over more than 100 stations.

In the interview, Howard shares the inspiration for writing Edafos and for creating the world in which the story takes place. He tells Bratton that history is part of what inspired the book given his passion in history.

In addition, Howard reveals that his chief literary influence is John Flanagan, author of the Ranger’s Apprentice series. Flanagan’s way of writing fantasy novels combined with some degree of realism is what particularly piques Howard’s interest.

Howard also discussed his passion for reading at an early age. Other hobbies he does back home are fencing, gardening, and video gaming. Find out more about Howard’s interview with Bratton in the video below, in which he also talks about how he developed the story’s characters and narrative.

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