Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Jake Bussolini’s “Suspicion” is an intriguing political novel, coming soon to ARPress bookstore

Political fiction is one of the most gripping reads out there, and Author Reputation Press is currently working on publishing an intriguing novel set during the Second World War.

Suspicion by Jake Bussolini is a unique kind of novel, according to the author himself. It describes some major international events that are actually carved in history.

Jake says reading the book may bring surprises to fans of political novels, which is why we are excited to be releasing the book in the next few months with a brand new cover.

The book follows the story of internationally famed scientist, Ivan, whose principle is always to be suspicious of other people who offer a helping hand. He’s also quite aloof, which drives his wife and son away from him.

As a scientist, Ivan is tasked with a mission to gather and analyze data on a new weapon of mass destruction being built by German and Russian scientists.

His estranged son suddenly crops up in the picture, being part of a U.S. Special Operations team charged with executing classified tasks across the world. Their respective missions now depend on how they will work with each other.

Suspicion will be launched on ARPress‘ online bookstore in the near future. Also, it will go live on and Barnes & Noble.

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