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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Dave Bennett, a psychologist and author of “The Healing Touch”

Dave Bennett

Dave Bennett, author of religious book The Healing Touch, has had an extensive career in psychology. He both taught psychology courses and took on various clinical works.

Dave earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Baylor University. He began his career as a teacher at Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma. He also managed a child guidance center in a suburb of Oklahoma City, Midwest City.

Having worked on child welfare initiatives exposed Dave to the need for a tight collaboration with parents. In turn, this made him pay close attention to the significance of marriage and family counseling as critical factors for raising a child.

Where the American family life began to deteriorate, Dave’s Christian faith found a vast opportunity to flourish and grow.

He aims for his book to bring God’s principles to more people and guide them in the ways of both marriage and all relationships. His goal is to teach couples how to have a paradisiacal marriage which, in turn, influences an entire family.

The Healing Touch also offers insights into how two people can grow in Christ together. Dave provides the scriptural means by which a relationship can grow and the know-how for resolving issues. It is based on these principles that Dave believes a relationship can continue to grow in social, emotional, and spiritual intimacy and in the richness of life skills.


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