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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: B.J. Smith, author of “Faith and Little Space Grace”

B.J. Smith is the author of Faith And Little Space Grace, a religious book that she hopes will expound the beauty of God’s mercy and grace that comes with faith.

Smith began working on the manuscript in August 2014 as she was sitting at her desk, reflecting on her desire to share the word of God to more people.

Her love for God’s word began to flourish early in her life when the teachings of several preachers piqued her interest in understanding those lessons. Since then, Smith never stopped searching for God’s words.

At present, she teaches people about the mystery of prayer and being more contemplative with their prayers before asking for God’s grace. Through her experience, Smith comes to realize that God creates the time, place and circumstance to grant an individual’s prayer, assuming one’s faith does not dwindle.

Smith sees the tests and trials in life as the building materials for strengthening our character, virtue, and faith. Her life was structured after the teachings of God.

She was born in West Helena, Arkansas. The fourth of seven children, Smith spent many hours in the church, engaging with her fellow believers and enriching her knowledge of God’s words.

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