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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Gwendolyn Alexander, a poet and author of “Inhale” compilations

Gwendolyn Alexander

Gwendolyn Alexander, author of the Inhale compilations, is a christian author, educator, speaker, talent developer, and a servant in the ministry of God.

Gwendolyn graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois in 1989. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Belhaven University in 2018.

Her many years of studying that discipline cultivated in her a unique set of skills that she uses to drive her passion for Biblical knowledge. A country girl from the South, Gwendolyn was baptized when she was five and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at age 10.

Inhale is a collection of rhythmic writings, lyrical expressions, sonnets, quotations and revelations which the author hopes will inspire readers to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus. In writing the book, Gwendolyn believes that God has placed in her an assortment of inspirations and revelations which then took nearly 25 years to unravel in the form of a book.

The Inhale compilations encompass the author’s personal stories, anecdotes and scriptural passages. Gwendolyn regards her poems as reflections of her indebtedness to God.

Through the book, she aims to declare God as the Authority, Jesus as the Center, and the Holy Spirit as the driver of all Christian living. Above all, the author has made a resolve to inculcate upon everyone the desire to acknowledge God and ask for His guidance in every endeavor we do.

Gwendolyn now lives in Sontag, Mississippi.

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