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“I Love To Read Two Letter Words” by Angie O. is now available to purchase both online and offline

Learning to read and write at an early age forms the foundation of our ability to acquire knowledge as we grow up. Books that teach children the basics of these early-stage skills are finding equal importance in our library of published books.

That is why Author Reputation Press is pleased to announce today the release of I Love To Read Two Letter Words, an instructional material written by Ms. Angie O. As a company committed to helping authors publish their book every step of the way, we are proud to say that we have closely worked with Ms Angie in finishing the book from the ground up.

I Love To Read Two Letter Words is part of the I Love To Read Books series comprising I Love to Read my Three Letter Words, I Love to Read my Numbers, I Love to Read All About Me, I Love to Read Words That Sound Alike, Carol the Discriminating Mom, The Tortoise Tricks and more.

This book series provides the fundamental tools to help children get a head start in reading. Each book contains concise and easy to read sight words that are conducive to the development of their learning skills. Teachers or parents can sound out these words aloud so that kids can repeat them in a way that improves their reading skills and speed. Additionally, it expands their vocabulary and boosts their confidence in reading.

Ms. Angie, a full-time nurse by profession, is a mother to four kids. She also taught at an elementary school before, which sparked her deep interest in teaching kids at an early age. She used to share fictional stories enriched with moral lessons to ignite the children’s interest in reading. It was a golden lesson that was also passed down by her grandmother.

The author wishes for her books to pave the way for a great bonding experience both for the kids and their parents.

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