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“Poems From Still Waters Running Deep” by Emma McClain will be hitting online bookstores soon (Update: Now available)

We are adding a new title to our poetry collections in the near future. Author Reputation Press is now in the process of publishing Emma McClain’s Poems From Still Waters Running Deep.

The book is a rich compilation of Emma’s poems written over a period of four decades and at different chapters of her life. Every poem represents a unique phase in the author’s life, reverberating her thoughts and feelings during each stage.

To be published by ARPress, the book’s diverse and honest verses will resonate with readers of poetry. In Farewell Song, for example, Emma writes about her euphoric experience after gaining freedom from her mother for the first time. In addition, she has shown amazement at having found her one true love in My Man.

At various points, the author took a more serious note in examining her relationship with God and the depth of his loving-kindness. In general, the poetry collection re-echoes the author’s deep understanding of what a life well-lived should be in the arms of God and the appreciation of the fact that only He can decide our lives ahead.

Emma started writing novels at first when she was aged 16, beginning with the Great American Novel. However, she later switched to poetry, which she found to be a more natural way of expressing her emotions that are otherwise hard to convey in speech.

She is a mother of two grown children and currently lives in California, where she is an active member of her church.

October 22, 2019
The book is now available to buy.

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