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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Ronnie Fletcher, author of “You Will Hear My Voice: A Collection Of Inspirational Poems”

Ronnie Fletcher

Ronnie Fletcher, author of You Will Hear My Voice: A Collection Of Inspirational Poems, has written eight books containing spiritual and inspirational poetry.

A native of Bronx in New York, Ronnie’s books have been inspired by his relationship with God. His passion is to inspire others in realizing the immense blessing they receive from God just by waking up every day.

His goal as an author is to write poems encouraging people to communicate with one another. More importantly, he writes poems that constantly remind us to never forget giving thanks to God for His grace and mercy.

Ronnie worked as an Investigator for The City of New York and the County of Westchester, New York for 31 years. In 2015, he officially retired.

Ronnie’s greatest blessing is when he became a father and eventually a grandfather. He plans to move to Florida, where he plans to go cruising aboard a ship, travel extensively, and visit various churches across the country gleaning inspiration for his poetry.

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