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Jasper and Milo series by Lynn Emslie comes to life with this engaging book trailer

We have just released another new book trailer, this time for a children’s book series written by Lynn Emslie. Lynn’s Jasper and Milo series comprises three books, each with engaging stories to tell your kids.

The series comprises Jasper And Milo’s Great Adventure, Jasper and Milo’s Walk in the Park, and Jasper and Milo’s New Home. Filled with love and happiness, the books contain valuable messages that will teach children a couple of important lessons they can apply in real life. The main characters are the brothers Jasper and Milo, two puppies settling into life with their new family.

Jasper and Milo’s Great Adventure is the third book in the series, with the eponymous Jasper and Milo as the main characters. They are two brothers who have settled into a new life with their family and learned many things. A great adventure awaits them one day while playing in the garden.

In Jasper and Milo’s New Home, the two brothers live on a campsite with the rest of the litter. One day, a family arrives and prepares to take them to their new home. Finally, Jasper And Milo’s Walk In The Park chronicles their story as they settle into life with their new family.

Lynn hailed from Lancashire and now lives in Somerset, England, with her husband and dogs.

See the books in action with the book trailer below.

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