Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Alexander Barrie’s “Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide” sheds light on the opposing forces of nature (masculine/feminine)

The great divide between the male and female gender remains a hot topic in contemporary arguments. This contentious point of discussion has led to various consequences, fractured relationships, and even given rise to numerous policies on gender sensitivity.

Author Reputation Press sees the relevant need to help advance gender-related discussions, and part of that effort is publishing books in this particular niche. That is why we are proud to release Alexander Barrie’s Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide, a compelling book that tackles gender phenomenon of the Masculine and of the Feminine forces.

The book seeks to clarify the nature of these seemingly opposing forces of nature (Masculine/Feminine) that, on the surface, seem to be irreconcilable and in conflict. It attempts to do just that by offering two sides to the argument applying an ancient esoteric system to assist their neutralization in the sense that we may now appreciate the union of opposites.

Alexander took inspiration from Oriental Medicine in writing the book, among other innovative works. He was born in London, United Kingdom, is married, and has a son.

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