Monday, June 17, 2024
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Michael Washington’s dedicated website goes live with an intuitive interface for buying his book

Setting up a dedicated website for an author is one way of promoting a book. It provides readers a concise overview of the authors’ biographical information and a quick way of purchasing their books.

Simply put, an author website is the perfect place to get to know an author and support his or her works. Author Reputation Press recognizes this important need of authors, which is why we’ve been offering them a way to have their own website created where they can showcase their books.

Michael Washington, whose book Living In Peace While Living In Pieces we’ve recently released, is the latest author to get the opportunity of experiencing the benefits of digital platform when it comes to marketing his book. The website contains links to pertinent details about the book, displayed in a streamlined view at the top navigation menu for an easy and quick access. The links are arranged in a way that, when clicked, automatically leads to the full data view at the bottom.

The website also includes the complete synopsis of the book and a brief background about Washington’s life. In addition, there are links to various online bookstores where readers can purchase the book, including our own bookshop, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

If you are buying the book, you can see the book’s price range front and center, so you have a complete idea of how much you are paying before making the purchase. Further down the footer area, there’s an online contact form where you can leave a message for the author. Visit Washington’s website at

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