Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Frank Townsley’s travel book “British Columbia: Graced By Nature’s Palette” is coming soon to online bookstores

We are releasing another travel book soon, complete with photos of different places visited by the author Frank Townsley. Titled British Columbia, the book is a collection of wonderful accounts and images of this beautiful province in Canada, characterized by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges.

Mr. Townsley’s book is an exhilarating virtual tour across the amazing coastal shores and rain forests to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, spanning all of its seasons. Thus, the province’s diverse features, rich wildlife, and picturesque landscapes are revealed. What makes Mr. Townsley’s travel book even more unique than most other books of the same genre is the addition of his paintings.

In addition, there’s an endless showcase of rare wildflowers, mouth-watering berries, and other types of plants that contribute to the richness of the place. If you are interested to learn about the different behavior of animals in British Columbia’s wildlife, the book does not lack for relevant information that will broaden your knowledge.

The interesting facts about this Canadian province are complemented by beautifully captured photos of Vancouver and Victoria, adding to the vast mosaic of information that defines the province. From cover to cover, the book offers a varied perspective of British Columbia from the point of view of an avid naturalist and traveler such as Mr. Townsley. There’s no doubt that this province is one of the unique treasures of the earth.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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