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Grace Buenavista talks about her book “Awesome in Seconds” with Ric Bratton for This Week In America

Grace Buenavista

Grace Buenavista talks about her self-help book, Awesome in Seconds, with Ric Bratton in this radio interview for This Week in America. The book contains 50 different ”affirmations” intended to help you drive the negative vibes away and stay positive all the time.

There are several affirmations in the book, which you can for under five seconds each. The book’s goal is to help boost the self-confidence of readers, encourage them to find some time to think, take a break from their busy schedule, and remind themselves that greatness is a seed within us waiting to germinate.

This Week In America is nationally syndicated in the U.S. and it is carried on over 100 stations. With such a wide scope, millions of listeners across the country get the chance to receive a scoop of every book promoted on the radio station.

Mr. Bratton has an extensive background in the broadcast industry both on TV and radio platforms, with more than three decades of experience working with other bigwigs in the media including Larry King, Hugh Downs, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno, George Clooney, and Katie Couric.

Our partnership with Ric Bratton’s radio program is part of ARPress’ efforts to help authors gain publicity and create buzz for their work. You can watch Grace’s interview below:

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