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K.A. Evans’ “The Nutcracker Returns” brings you to the magical world of Prince Daniel and Clara De La Tour

Fantasy books are often an ideal getaway from the stressful events in the real world, and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by Prussian author E. T. A. Hoffmann is one of the popular classical fantasy titles that find wide adaptations for its engaging story. One such adaptation that fantasy novel fans should check out is K.A. Evans’ The Nutcracker Returns, published by Author Reputation Press.

The book follows the story of Clara De La Tour, who is just beginning to turn into a full-grown beautiful lady. Since her unforgettable adventure with the Nutcracker, her love for him keeps on growing over time.

Clara discovers her true identity as a princess following the death of her father. After her life-changing discovery, the princess sets out on a trip to her new home along with her mother, Ella, and younger brother, Timmy.

Our beautiful protagonist will soon marry the man whom she never expected to meet again in her life: the prince from her childhood. The charming Prince Daniel reunites with Clara again after so many years. However, he has returned to being a Nutcracker once again after the Mouse King stole his kingdom and the Christmas angel’s magical necklace.

With the kingdom in total darkness, Prince Daniel and Clara tap the help of their old friends Captain Snow, Captain Crone, a pixie called Trixie, and others to bring it to its former glory. But first, they must defeat the Mouse King.

Join them as they fight to restore the kingdom from their old enemy. Readers will also find pleasure in taking part of Clara and Prince Daniel’s love story.

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