Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Chuck Hubbell’s book “The Magic of Being the Claus” comes to life in this book trailer

Author Chuck Hubbell never really saw himself as Santa Claus, but he was transformed into the man dressed in red by Christmas magic. The experience has changed Chuck’s personal life, and becoming the Claus has made him realize the wonders of allowing children to believe in positive things.

The book is about the joy and wonder children experience when the man in the red suit comes up and listens to them. For Chuck, being the Claus has allowed him to avoid the traditional “Naughty and Nice” list. He does not consider himself to be the arbiter of good and evil, nor is he capable of sitting in the judgement seat.

Chuck believes God has given him the liberty to guide children in the ways of good manner and behavior as they grow up. He endeavors to inculcate upon children the importance of being kind and gentle to others and how peaceful their lives can get if they do not trespass against anyone.

On top of that, Chuck’s journey is about finding the best person he can be. This journey has taken on different forms, from his search for a source of income to helping children find the right path and become what God intended them to become. See the author’s journey of creating magic with children come to life in the book trailer below.

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