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William Elliott’s “A War of Love” poetry collection gets featured on This Week in America with Ric Bratton

Author Reputation Press is pleased to launch the recorded radio interview of William Elliott, author of poetry collection titled A War of Love, by Ric Bratton for This Week in America. In the interview, the poet recalls how he started writing poems in 1982 after suffering panic attacks. Since then, the author has been writing mainly humorous poems and spiritual poems.

His poetry collection comprises various poems touching on diverse topics. The first two sections of this book, Poems and Pretty and the Rascals, were written in 1982 and 1983. The Humorous and the Melancholy was written in 2014. Elliott also wrote the other three works and the additional poems in 2015.

He started writing poems and published them with his own finances in order to reach out to people. His poems consists of pretty poems, humorous poems, and spiritual poems. The original work was compiled into booklets. The six booklets are as follows: Poems, by William T. Elliott The Pretty and the Rascals, Poems by William T. Elliott The Humorous and the Melancholy, Poems by William T. Elliott A War of Love, Poems by William T. Elliott Peace, Poems by William T. Elliott Reverence, Poems by William T. Elliott.

Since he had completed the last set, Reverence, the author had finished six more poems, which are in the section “Additional Poems.” Elliott shares some of these poems with Ric Bratton in this radio interview for This Week in America.

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