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Dr. Henry Sobell talks about the human DNA in this Author Spotlight interview

Dr. Henry Sobell

Dr. Henry Sobell, author of Organization of DNA in Chromatin and Premeltons in DNA, discusses how his two books came to be and explains the idea behind them in simple terms. His work on these books started while he was still a professor of chemistry and molecular biophysics at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Sobell’s works led to an understanding of how the anticancer agent, actinomycin D, binds to DNA and exerts its mechanism of action. In addition, the discovery of premeltons is a major step forward in understanding DNA and how it works in a living thing.

According to Dr. Sobell, a premelton is an entity that rises in DNA spontaneously before the actual strand separation of DNA, thus a melton follows. The author envisions two groups of people who may be interested in the books: people who work in the area of modern medicine and molecular biology with interest in the cure of cancer and how DNA works, and people who are interested to learn what molecular mycin is about.

Watch the Author Spotlight Interview below:

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