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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Giridhar Jaded, author of “Rhymes in Me” and “Let’s Stir Some Thoughts”

Giri Jaded

Giridhar Jaded (Giri) is the author of two poetry collections titled Rhymes in Me and Let’s Stir Some Thoughts, both of which are republished by Author Reputation Press. The books were recently released by the company, and the author attributes his literary prowess to his mother who he believes handed down her creative talent to him at an early age.

Giri was born in Dharwar, Karnataka in India, a place which he often believes contributes to his penchant for anything artistic. No wonder, since Dharwar is rich in literary history.

More importantly, Giri love for literature developed mainly through his mother who earned her master’s degree in Arts. He led a life of adherence until the age of 34 before realizing that the voices in his head were wanting an outlet ever so badly. So much so that when the floodgates opened, Giridhar found it impossible to hold the words that had started a silent revolution inside until then and a book of poetry ensued in a mere 40 days.

Giri has a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering & also an MBA in Information Technology. He is married to Rachna Sahu who is the omnipresent strength that Giri relies on. He has sailed through living the corporate life for 12+ years & currently works as a senior QA manager in an IT company. Giri believes that he could live the rest of his life speaking poetically if he tried, that is. Besides his passion for writing, he loves to travel, cannot imagine a day without music & has a newfound vigor to be on the fitness wagon even though he slips up every now and then.

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