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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Antwyn Price, author of “Paradise In Ruins” and “Colonies In Ruins”

Antwyn Price

Antwyn Price, author of Paradise In Ruins and Colonies In Ruins, was born in Singapore of British parents.

He attended Fort Street School in Sydney, St Mark’s School in Dallas, then Harvard College and the University of Oklahoma.

Antwyn was a US Marine of the late 1950s and a multilingual worldwide resident thereafter. He has written and published several memoirs and numerous technical papers. Paradise in Ruins: A Novel (View) of the Pacific War  is the first historical novel of a trilogy about the Pacific war, crafted in the semi-narrative style of the era. It covers the American campaigns of the Pacific conflict, including those of Admiral Chester Nimitz and General Douglas MacArthur.

In his forthcoming second book of the series, Colonies in Ruins: Another Novel (View) of the Pacific War , the author deals with the French, British and Dutch colonial aspects of the Pacific conflict, and their aftermath.

The third and final historical novel about the Pacific region will be a “prequel”, to examine the period from 1898 to around 1930, from the Spanish-American War to the Great Depression after World War One, during which many islands of the Pacific changed hands.

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