Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Sean McKeithen’s “Redux” is a unique tale of how people feel about the world

Author Reputation Press proudly announces that Sean McKeithen’s book Redux can now be purchased via the usual platforms: ARPress, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book is about the way that people feel about the world and what makes it possible. Since it is completely fictional it is not an educational book but a thought on what we know is normal as opposed to what we want to think about as normal.

The book does not cover everything but is fun to read and when it is a story is actually interesting to experience. Once in a while a book comes out that is original, and Sean Mckeithen hit a home run on originality with the book Redux.

The book is a little long and the editing will be interesting sometimes the voice fails slightly but if it is printed it will be a good book for children.

Jay Hogarth

Jay Hogarth is ARPress' resident content manager, responsible for all public-facing information posted on this blog and on the main site.

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