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“Faith And Little Space Grace” by BJ Smith is an insightful book about faith and grace

BJ Smith’s religion book Faith And Little Space Grace offers some lessons on faith and grace. The book is published by Author Reputation Press.

The author hopes for the book to inspire readers to find wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of things that are most often taught or preached concerning faith and grace.

Whether you are a devout Christian or not, faith and grace are both utilized and obtained in every facet of your life. The focus of this book is to expound on the beauty of God’s mercies and how faith gives access to favor with God.

Smith began working on the manuscript in August 2014 as she was sitting at her desk, reflecting on her desire to share the word of God to more people.

Her love for God’s word began to flourish early in her life when the teachings of several preachers piqued her interest in understanding those lessons. Since then, Smith never stopped searching for God’s words.

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