Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Walter Oleksy’s “Christmas With The Famous” is a heartwarming tale of Yuletide memories

Some 150 popular personalities from the movie and TV industry, politics, and religion tell about their most memorable Christmas experience in this book written by Walter Oleksy. Published by Author Reputation Press, Christmas With The Famous is now available to purchase online.

It’s a collection of accounts from people with a wide range of occupations telling heartfelt, sad, humorous, and sometimes inspirational stories about their most unforgettable Christmas.

Oftentimes, the Christmas they remember best was when they were poor, out of work, alone, or with little hope. Yet, they felt the spirit of Christmas within them that brought new hope.

Their stories can inspire those who are coping with global terrorism, violence and, for many, physical, emotional, or economic concerns that are especially hard to deal with during Christmas. If you’re alone, you can spend Christmas with those of the famous who know what that is like. No other book has ever been published like it.

Jay Hogarth

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