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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Y T Cheng, author of “The Human Inside”


Y. T. Cheng

Y.T. Cheng, author of The Human Inside, was a college student when the initial draft of The Human Inside first appeared in his notebook and on several Facebook notes.

His book is a dystopian novel set in the 22nd century when the world is undergoing a change bordering towards a complete dystopian setting. A special team of cybernetically enhanced young adults known as amborgs has been released into the public in hopes of turning things around for a better environment for many innocent people.

Following the exploits of one particular boy in their ranks, their actions will be tested in their experiences as an evolved form of humanity. But there aren’t enough of them and an enemy lurks in the shadows, making preparations to see that they fail the people they were built to save. The world’s preparedness is at stake.

Cheng’s father always said, “If you have a good story in your thoughts, then write it down before you forget and lose it.”

Many friends asked if he was going to publish. Now readers hold the result. Inspired by many books, movies, and shows, The Human Inside is a new futuristic debut with action, humor, some romance, and fantasy created for a large audience. Y.T. Cheng currently resides with his family and is continuing the series.

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