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Gwendolyn Alexander’s “Inhale” is a poetic praise of God’s love, available now on major bookstores

Gwendolyn Alexander’s poetry collection Inhale is a compilation of praises and adulation of God in the form of wonderful verses. The book is now available for purchase via major online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and our own online marketplace.

Alexander’s latest book is one of the two volumes, the other one being Inhale: The Fresh Meadows of a Godly Perspective-It’s Poetry! Inhale: The Fresh Meadows of a Godly Perspective- It’s Revelational! is the author’s reflections on the deep reaches of her being with regards to God, whom she considers the lover of her soul and her great indebtedness to Him.

In Christendom, the air [the Word] of our intake is more valuable than can be fully expressed, for its importance drives both our physical and spiritual existence. The intake of God’s Word is the breath of spiritual life that fuels our living. By it, we take in Jesus.

The Inhale compilations are designed and given by God to reflect the many facets of that inhale—what we take in, what it is designed to accomplish and to fortify in us, and what should come out of us as a result of its life-sustaining provision. May you soak up Jesus with every page. My prayerful desire is to inspire, edify, and encourage. Above all, I desire to drive you, to pull you into a greater depth of desire for my Jesus that you inhale deeply and in all that you get, get God.

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