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Frances Green shares her motivation for “Huntington” with Ric Bratton in this radio interview

Frances Green talks about God’s love as a dominant theme for her book Huntington in an interview with Ric Bratton for the radio program This Week in America.

The book follows the story of two separate events that are set a century apart. Two narratives compose the story; one chronicles the life of Nesta, a young girl who has been suspended over an accusation that she set her school on fire. Another story is that of a group of children who lived in Nesta’s town 100 years ago.

While in suspension, Nesta reads a book titled Huntington, which chronicles the story of a boy and his friends with a pet owl and monkey. Nesta is startled by their story due to its similarity to her situation. Huntington and his friends are sent to a rectory and they are later accused of setting their school alight.

Huntington is a poignant story of innocence, God’s love, parenting, and childhood memories. Listen to the full interview below:

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