Monday, June 17, 2024
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“The Garden Of Deceit” by Geoff Quaife is a riveting read on English government uprisings

Author Reputation Press has released another book by Geoff Quaife titled The Garden Of Deceit: A Daughter Sacrificed.

The story takes place in early 1657 when Cromwell, after surviving three assassination attempts, turned to his top investigator, Luke Tremayne, to hunt the would- be killer.

Elements in the army feared that Cromwell would become king and his government fall increasingly into the hands of civilians. Royalist agents played on this fear and planned to take over a strategic military unit to then overthrow the government.

Luke had to uncover the leaders of this plan before they achieved their aim. Luke’s task increased as he had to solve the murders of his initial suspects, who were battered, stabbed, blown apart, or brutally decapitated. The murders may be related to sexual dalliances and not related to the royalist takeover. Homosexual attraction complicated the situation.

Lonely matriarchs, an adulterous wife, a predatory femme fatale, a mentally disturbed young woman, and several besotted wenches may or may not have helped his investigation. Luke was nearly blown apart, bashed by an assailant, shot at twice, almost poisoned on several occasions, drugged, and in danger of having his throat cut.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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