Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Rev. Reginald Noel’s “Eternal Souls Of Mankind” teaches humans about the importance of salvation

Eternal Souls Of Mankind, written by Rev. Reginald Noel, is a religion/self-help book that discusses the core concepts of the human soul, spirit and body, answering questions and examining them in accordance with the Bible.

The book primarily aims to convey one important message to the readers: that Jesus came in the flesh in order to die so that the souls who accept Him would be with Him in Heaven.

Also, the book will give answers to questions about the soul, the spirit, and the body.

Rev. Noel was a Teacher, Pastor, Evangelist, Volunteer Prison Chaplain and Hospital Ministries for many years.

He wrote Eternal Souls of Mankind in obedience to God’s call for him to be an author of religious books, with plans to publish more books of the same nature moving forward.

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