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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Emma McClain, author of “Poems From Still Waters Running Deep”

Emma McClain

Emma McClain, author of Poems From Still Waters Running Deep, set about writing “the great American novel” at age 16.

She ended up writing her first poem instead. Being a very shy person, she found that poetry was a natural vehicle to convey the deep emotions that evaded expression through speech. She resides in the sunny Southern California, with two wonderful grown children.

She is also very active in her church. In the 1980s, she started sending poems to different poetry contest platforms. Before that, she just keep the poems to herself and friends.

Her book Poems From Still Waters Running Deep is a rich compilation of Emma’s poems written over a period of four decades and at different chapters of her life. Every poem represents a unique phase in the author’s life, reverberating her thoughts and feelings during each stage.

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