Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“Gospels One” by Ray Bumgardner has finally been released

After months of tedious work on his book Gospel One, we are now pleased to announce the release of Ray Bumgardner’s religious book. It’s published by Author Reputation Press and is now available to purchase for $3.99 to $14.99.

The book tries to reconcile the differences among many religious sects and heal the fractures caused by opposing views. Ray successfully does this by showing the way to a summation that unites a Christianity facing the final revelations promised by its savior.

Bumgardner’s claims are supported by Apocrypha and the work of Roman historian Flavius Josephus on the Judean history that spans 400 years, though this is not recorded in the Bible except in the Catholic versions. That time in history is marked by chaos, and using the four gospels written by John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew, the author portrays a realistic picture of that period. The result is a detailed account of the life of Jesus from a historical standpoint.

In the book, the life of Herod from Idumea, also known later as Herod the Great, is revealed. The ruler of Judea during the birth of Jesus Christ, Herod’s kingship is put in historical perspective. Then the author goes on to provide details about the birth of Jesus, his parentage, and Herod’s order to kill all of the Jews’ firstborn.

When compared to other scholarly Biblical works, Ray’s book offers a more careful assessment of Jesus’ life based on four evangelical gospels. Readers will find it informative as the author weaves all the data gathered from the gospels into a logical framework.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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