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“Murder In The Maghreb” by Geoff Quaife explores the historical tension between Western and Islamic worlds

Author Geoff Quaife never stops revealing the adventures of English agent Luke Tremayne. In Murder In The Maghreb: An Islamic Interlude, Luke faces a cryptic and complex situation that he has never encountered before.

As a newly knighted ambassador, Luke is fully aware that he is entering a dangerous and mysterious mission when he was sent to the Islamic region of Maghreb at the request of Lord Protector Cromwell.

The English government seeks to put an end to Islamic attacks on its shipping in the Mediterranean and sends Luke Tremayne as ambassador to the Turkish Empire’s western outpost of Benbali to negotiate a treaty and free English slaves.

His mission is complicated by the corruption and dysfunctional nature of the local English community and the volatile nature of the Benbali government with competing factions and the imminent threat of a coup. Secondary aims to rescue an enslaved English aristocrat, find a stolen golden Madonna, and uncover an escaped war criminal threaten to undermine his mission.

This is thrown into further confusion by several murders that Luke is determined to solve despite the death of a close associate and the diversions provided by three alluring women.

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