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“Chesapeake Chaos” by Geoff Quaife is a gripping crime novel

Part of the Luke Tremayne adventure series, Chesapeake Chaos by Geoff Quaife is a compelling crime and detective suspense thriller. The book is published by Author Reputation Press and is now available to purchase via our own online bookstore as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book follows the story of Luke in 1650 as he examines the political situation in Maryland in behalf of Cromwell, and the colony’s proprietor Lord Baltimore.

Then he becomes involved with a dysfunctional planter family and confronts several murder cases. However, his mission is complicated by planter rivalry, Indian wars, a Jesuit mission, a Puritan settlement and the incursion of a foreign power.

Quaife has been a University teacher, historian, and administrator. In addition to his novels, he has also written a couple of non-fiction books such as an overview of the witchcraft craze of the 16th and 17th centuries, and the sexual mores and practices of the English peasantry.

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