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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: S. J. Gero, author of “Little Spiders Big Web”

S. J. Gero

S. J. Gero is the author of crime and detective novel Little Spiders Big Web. Gero was born in Barre, Vermont where she lived for a short period until her father’s death forced the family to move south to Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

After graduation from high school, she returned to Vermont and stayed for the next five decades. She is now happily residing in the State of Maine.

Gero is a graduate of MCLA (previously North Adams State College), Antioch/New England Graduate School, and the Vermont Police Academy.

Her book follows the story of Jill Benoit, who was only starting her retirement from police duties after 25 years of service for the U.S. Border Patrol. However, it appears she is in for another mission, this time to help a woman named Stephanie as she tries to uncover the real cause of her father’s death a decade ago.

Soon Jill finds herself caught up in a web of conspiracy, murder, and deceit that would span across the United States and touch her closest friends, friends who could be enemies. Unsure of who she can trust, Jill embarks on a journey to find evidence that is decades old for a crime she knows little about — a mission that may ultimately cost her life.

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