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Mursalin Machado’s “The Diary of Lady X” praised by USRB for successfully weaving two tales into one

The Diary of Lady X: Song of the Sea, part of a series, “does a great job of laying down the groundwork for the rest of the books”. The US Review of Books has reviewed Mursalin Machado’s memoir with critical acclaim for its successful amalgamation of two tales into one.

Gabriella Tutino from the USRB remarks that the “author succeeds in weaving two tales into one—one being the ship’s history and legend and the other being Tony’s.” In addition, the review notes how the book is reminiscent of other novels about seafaring in terms of putting a ship at the center of the story with a vital role to play.

The book is a story of a man’s yearning for love and adventure. Later, that longing evolves into a search for the meaning of life. Tony, the book’s protagonist, always has a passion for travel. As his pursuit for adventure goes on, many things have since transpired through love, tragedy, and disillusionment. It also awakened his sleeping soul and set him on a path of aspiration.

“While the story mainly follows Tony and his adventures, arguably the more important character in the novel is Lady X,” observes the reviewer. The Diary Of Lady X is split in two volumes and is filled with some real accounts. The story appeals to a wide array of readers who will find its characters and story to be engaging.

Finally, the Tutino concludes that “while mostly lighthearted in nature, the book also tackles the heavier theme of personal fulfillment”. Read  the full review here.

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