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Antwyn Price talks about his book “Paradise In Ruins” with Al Cole’s People of Distinction

Antwyn Price

Antwyn Price, author of Paradise In Ruins, is the latest author working with Author Reputation Press to make a guesting on Al Cole’s popular radio program, People of Distinction.

The author talks about his book, which is set during World War II in the Pacific between 1941 and 1945. Paradise In Ruins sheds light on the war’s impact on the inhabitants of this region and how they have lost their paradise.

During the interview, Al Cole praised the book for its compelling story line and narrative. The book presents an interesting standpoint for the Pacific Theater of World War II through the prism of the military and naval leadership from both sides of the conflict.

Also, the book offers a look at the impact of the war on local populations of the Pacific islands whose lives were dramatically disrupted following the explosive attacks by Japan in December 1941.

Even today, most veterans who have witnessed the horrors of the Second World War still choose not to speak about their nightmares during those days. This book hopes to offer a collective view of those wartime events. Listen to Antwyn’s interview with Al Cole below:

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