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Paul Trittin’s “Jacobus” calls for acceptance of homosexuality amid religious supremacy

In the latter half of the book Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith by Paul Trittin, there is an extra component to the story that beefs up the idea of acceptance for homosexuals. What cultivates the idea of mutuality between homosexuality and the Christian faith in the book is the part where Jacobus and his family are influenced by the teachings of Jesus and his disciples.

Jesus is viewed by the people in the book as the new prophet and claimed by many to be the son of God. But instead of casting out Jacobus and his brother, Josephus, who both developed romantic relationship with one another, Jesus embraced him and his lovers with open arms. The other biblical characters in the book also have a similar reception of the protagonist.

It is evident, therefore, that Trittin’s message is to empower readers who may feel cast out for having the same sexual orientation as Jacobus. In addition, the book feels encouraging for those who have compassion for homosexuals. Its unique historical viewpoint is also a source of entertainment for book lovers.

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