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Paul Trittin’s “Jacobus” receives almost perfect customer review score on Amazon

Paul Trittin’s novel Jacobus, a story of gay romance and acceptance, currently holds an almost perfect star-rating on Amazon. It’s a gay story that crisscrosses with the Judeo-Christian faith systems in the Roman maritime world and beyond into India during the first century.

On Amazon, the book has four out of five stars in ratings, with most of the user reviews praising the book for its engaging story. One reader remarks that the book is “an idealized fantasy about a young man who becomes romantically involved with every man he meets. As an exemplar of that genre, it’s something you—a reader of that genre—may want to pick up.”

Yet another reader says, “I must say that this is a good book and the story is very fascinating. It talks about how eunuch’s dealt with their lives during the 1st century.”

Jacobus revolves around the themes of pride, acceptance, tolerance and love. It aims to connect the author’s faith and sexuality. The book’s characters, most notably the titular protagonist Jacobus, an “uncut eunuch,” live out their faith with strong convictions while living in a world of personal battles within.

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