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The US Review of Books gives positive review for David Fogarty’s “Out of the Shadows”

David Fogarty’s action and adventure book, Out Of The Shadows: The Saga Of Caroline York: Her Days Among The Cayugas, has received a critical acclaim from The US Review of Books. Published by Author Reputation Press, the fictional work was released three months ago.

USRB’s Kat Kennedy describes the book as “Well-researched and exhaustive”. The book critique went on to praise the protagonist for being “a strong character whose adventurous life grabs the reader’s imagination.”

The book follows the story of Caroline York who, after arriving from Ireland, settles upon her uncle’s farm to take charge of the property. When intruders besiege the place one day, Caroline repels them, only to end up seeing the mysterious death of her uncle. The main character is then kidnapped by a British captain.

Set in the 18th Century in upstate New York, the novel touches on various social justice issues affecting modern society, specifically the power gap between the wealthy and the poor. Kennedy also observes that the main character is “portrayed as a strong, opinionated, and quick-witted woman who rises to the demands of injustice.”

You can read the full review of the book here. In addition, Out Of The Shadows is listed on USRB’s list of recommended books for reading.

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