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Gail Borkosky talks about her children’s books with Al Cole from CBS Radio

Gail Borkosky, author of two children’s books namely Annika And The Emperor Penguin and Annika And The Giant Giraffe, speaks with Al Cole from CBS Radio in an interview for the program People of Distinction.

The radio program is one of the most sought after radio shows in the United States, hosted by seasoned broadcaster Al Cole from CBS Radio. With a vast network of well-known personalities including The Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington, Al Cole’s radio show is the right fit for authors who want to maximize their exposure to readers.

Borkosky’s Annika And The Emperor Penguin follows the story of Annika, an adventurous girl that sets out to explore the South Pole with her best friend Grace. They stumble upon a lost penguin named Penny, who needs their help. While trying to reunite their newfound friend with her family, they encounter some dangerous chance meetings with other occupants of the South Pole. Determined to get Penny home safely, Annika and Grace prove that simple acts of kindness to those in need return great rewards.

Her other book, Annika And The Giant Giraffe, features the same character who sets out on the savannas of Africa along with her brother, Elliot, to save a tiny egg that has fallen from its nest. In a race against time, they encounter some of the resident animals of Kenya that turn out to be very useful in their search for the only one that can save the tiny bird.

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